Online Cadets and Youth World Cup 2021 kicks off on Tornelo


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Online Cadets and Youth World Cup 2021 has started. The qualifying stage tournaments will run until August 20, followed by finals on 26-31 August.

More than 1600 participants from more than 100 national federations take part in the event. It is the first stage of the world championship cycle that also includes the Grand Prix series and culminates in a Super Final in December. The games are played online on Tornelo platform with substantive anti-cheating measures in place.

FIDE Vice President Akaki Iashvili welcomed the players on behalf of FIDE and the Georgian Chess Federation: “Despite the global pandemic, FIDE moves forward with tangible results. Last year, we organized World Cadets and Youth Championships. This year, we have the world championship cycle, with World Cup, Grand Prix and Super Final in December.”

“We wish you the best luck and to continue loving chess as you do. We rely on you as a new generation of players to come to the highest possible rankings in the next few years,” was the message to the participants from the FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich.