Sajid emerges champion in rating chess


CM Sakline Mostafa Sajid of Bangladesh Police emerged champion in the Int’l Rating Chess Tournament that concluded today (Friday) at Bangladesh Chess Federation hall room. Sajid earned 7.5 points to clinch the title. 

GM Ziaur Rahman of Bangladesh Ansar became runner-up by getting the same points. CM Sakline Mostafa Sajid and GM Ziaur Rahman scored equal points in the tie-breaking buchholz cut one method, CM Sakline Mostafa Sajid won the title with 48.5, Cut one Buchholz score and GM Ziaur Rahman finished runners-up with 46.5 score. 

Six players scored seven points in the tie-breaking system. Among them FM Tahsin Tajwar Zia of Bangladesh Ansar became third, FM Manon Reja Neer of Bangladesh Navy became fourth, FM Subrota Biswas of Saif Sporting Club became fifth, FM Md Sharif Hossain of Bangladesh Navy became sixth, FM Sheikh Nasir Ahmed of Bangladesh Navy became seventh and FM Mehdi Hasan Parag of Bangladesh Police finished eighth place.

IM Mohammad Minhaz Uddin of Bangladesh Navy became ninth, FM Syed Mahfuzur Rahman of Janata Bank Officer Welfare Society became tenth, CM Md Abzid Rahman of Sheikh Russell Chess Club became eleventh, WCM Ahmed Walijah of Bangladesh Navy became twelfth and Ahnaf Rashid Chowdhury became thirteen in the tie-breaking with six and a half points each. Anata Choudhury of Titas Club finished fourteenth place and CM Md Sajidul Haque of Janata Bank Officer Welfare Society finished fifteenth by scoring six points each in tie-breaking system.

The ninth or last round games, GM Ziaur Rahman defeated FM Manon Reja Neer, CM Sakline Mostafa Sajid defeated FM Sheikh Nasir Ahmed, FM Tahsin Tajwar Zia defeated IM Mohammad Minhaz Uddin, FM Subrota Biswas defeated CM Md. Masum Hossain, FM Md Sharif Hossain beat Anata Choudhury, FM Mehdi Hasan Parag beat Sujan, WCM Ahmed Walijah beat GM Reefat Bin Sattar, FM Syed Mahfuzur Rahman beat FM Md Saif Uddin, CM Md Abzid Rahman beat Mohammad Shafiqul Islam, Ahnaf 
Rashid Chowdhury beat Feroz Ahmed, Swarnavo Chowdhury defeated Md Moniruzzaman Masud, CM Sohail Chowdhury beat Belal Hossain, Md Rabbi Salim beat Md Faysal Yousuf, CM Md Sajidul Haque beat Sibu Poddar, Nusrat Jahan Liza beat Md. Sabubur Rahman, Sk. Rashedul Hasan beat Md. Rabiul Hossain and Arabee Jabayer Mahmud beat Dewan Shahidul Amin. 

The event was held in nine round Swiss League system and 124 players including two grandmasters, one International Master and nine FIDE Masters participated in the week-long meet-, organized by BCF.

The cash prize of Taka one lac seventy six thousand was distributed among the winners.