Danish Championship: Boris Chatalbashev retains title


GM Boris Chatalbashev emerged as the winner of the 2024 Danish Championship. The 50-year-old successfully defended his last-year national title, scoring an impressive 8/9.

The 2024 Danish Chess Championship, a 10-player round-robin tournament with classical time controls, was held in Svendborg from March 23 to April 1.

Chatalbashev got off to a fantastic start, winning the first five games and taking the lead early on. Going into the final round a half-point ahead of his main rival GM Jesper Sondergaard Thybo, he convincingly outplayed FM Mikkel Manosri Jacobsen and clinched the title.

Jesper Thybo (pictured below) started with two draws but then picked up steam and stayed in the race for gold to the very end. Just like the champion, the runner-up completed the event unbeaten, netting 7.5/9.

M Filip Boe Olsen and GM Bjorn Moller Ochsner both scored 5.5/9 and tied for third place, with the former completing the podium thanks to better tiebreaks.

Final standings:

1GMBoris Chatalbashev24488
2GM Jesper Thybo2542
3IM Filip Boe Olsen2456
4GMBjorn Ochsner2518
5IMNikolaj Borge23794
6FMCasper Liu22834
7IMMartin Haubro2436
8FMJens Ramsdal23783
9FMMikkel Jacobsen2367
10IMJens Fries-Nielsen2364