IM Fhahad shares second position with two Indian GMs


IM Mohammad Fhahad Rahman of Bangladesh, GM Karthik Venkataraman and GM Puranik Abhimanyu of India are sharing the second position with five points each after the fifth round in the Sheikh Kamal Invitational International Online Chess Tournament now being held at online chess platform Tornelo.

GM Amin Tabatabaei of Iran and GM Li Di of China however took joint lead in the points table after sixth round matches.

GM Maghsoodloo Parham of Iran, GM M R Venkatesh of India, GM Susanto Megaranto and IM Muhammad Lutfi of Indonesia are sharing the third position with 4.5 points apiece.

In the fourth, fifth and sixth round matches held Saturday.

In the fourth round matches, GM Kovalev split point with GM Abhimanyu, GM Li Di beat GM Shyam Sundar, GM Amin defeated GM Yinglun, IM Lutfi outplayed GM Parham, IM Mitrobha beat GM Megaranto, IM Murzin split point with GM Emanueal.

In the fifth round matches,  GM Li Di beat GM Kovalev, GM Abhimanyu beat IM Lutfi, GM Amin defeated IM Mitrabha, IM Fhahad beat GM Amirreza and GM Zia outclassed FM Javed.

In the sixth round, Li Di split point with Abhimanyu, GM Amin beat GM Shyam, GM Karthik defeated GM Kobalia, IM Fahad beat IM Emmanuel, IM Murzin split point with GM Kovalev, GM Razib split point with GM Yinglun, GM Venkatesh beat GM Vaibhav Suri, IM Lutfi beat GM Zia, FM Subrota beat GM Amirreza.

The seventh, eighth, nine or last matches will be held Sunday.