Jonny Hector wins Swedish Championship


Jonny Hector is a new Swedish champion. The 58-year-old native of Malmo claimed his second national title, twenty years after his first triumph back in 2002.

The Swedish Chess Championship 2022 took place in Uppsala from July 1-10 and was played in several different classes – from a beginner’s tournament to the battle for the Swedish Championship gold in the Swedish Champion class, a round-robin with classical time control, featuring several Sweden’s best chess players.

Hector grabbed the lead in the middle of tournament distance after stringing together three victories and was coming into the final round a full point ahead of Jung Min Seo and the defending champion Tiger Hillarp Persson with an excellent score of 6½/8.

In the final round, the leader fell to GM Jonathan Westerberg with white pieces after his opponent made a brilliant breakthrough in the center and gave one of his rivals  (they faced each other) a chance to catch up with him.

Luckily for Hector, Hillarp Person and Seo drew their game and finished a half-point behind the new champion together with Westerberg. The tiebreaks favoured Jonathan Westerberg and Tiger Hillarp Persson, who took silver and bronze, respectively. Westerberg and Seo completed the event unbeaten.

Final standings:

1GMHector, Jonny2445
2GMWesterberg, Jonathan24856
3GMHillarp Persson, Tiger25126
4IMSeo, Jung Min24836
5GMBlomqvist, Erik2523
6IMJohansson, Linus24514
7GMCramling, Pia24584
8GMCarlsson, Ludvig2423
9GMSmith, Axel2421
10FMJogstad, Martin23512